Mystery in History

Teaching Year 11 . . . . The Transatlantic Slave Trade:
Key Stage 3 workshops

Slavery Workshops
Mystery in History Workshops aim to explore the way the trans-Atlantic slave trade changed the shape of Africa, and how its impact can still be felt in our world today. The workshops are specifically written for the KS3 History Curriculum but can be successfully adapted for KS2 or KS4 pupils, and can be incorporated within History, PSHE or Citizenship lessons or within the KS2 Creative Curriculum.

Mystery in History currently offers a choice of three workshops.

1. The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade: Through the medium of drama, experience the traumas of being kidnapped and sold into slavery, the horrors of the journey across the Atlantic and despondency of life as a slave.

2. Prejudice: This workshop focuses on Georgian attitudes towards Africans and explores how far attitudes have changed over the last 200 years. Following a thought provoking presentation, students are encouraged to take part in a mock trial and discuss the extent that racial prejudice still exists today.

3. Campaign!: A small group of dedicated people achieved the unthinkable. At a time when most of Britainís economy was in some way dependant on the slave trade, these people succeeded in changing public attitudes and the law of our land. The strategy they developed to achieve such a feat has been copied many times since, and indeed forms the basis of most modern day campaigns.
This workshop looks at some of the key players and considers the tactic they used.

A variety of background information and follow-up activities are available for each workshop. Each workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual school. They are designed as full day workshops, but can be adapted as half day workshops or as a series of separate sessions.

If you would like more details as to how we can offer this program to your school or college, do please call Jenny on (01480) 471123 or (07870) 317312 or see our Contact Page for further details.

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