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Jail Break

Jailbreak 4

This Autumn we are launching our 4th season of Jailbreak. The new season will be set in 1940 in the middle of the Battle of Britain. You have carelessly flouted the regulations and allowed light to show through your windows during the blackout....and the local police has handed you over to the Air Raid Patrol warden, so it’s a night in the cells for you! As previously, you will need to first escape from the Victorian Police cells (2 of them!); then from the cell corridor; and finally from the museum itself.

The Challenge

After being locked in, you and your colleagues will have 60 minutes to break out. You will have to pass through three stages, culminating in your escape through the main gate to the cell corridor. These stages get progressively more complex so you will need to work together, promptly, from the very moment the game starts. This game does not require any strength or physical force. All the information you need to escape is already provided, as long as you use your eyes, ears and your brain and are able to work together as a team.

Dates and times for the new season are as follows:
Sunday 12
Friday 17
Saturday 18
Tuesday 21
Saturday 25
Sunday 26

Monday 4
Friday 8
Sunday 10
Thursday 14
Saturday 16
Friday 22
Sunday 24
Saturday 30
Sunday 31

Friday 5
Saturday 6
Thursday 11
Sunday 14
Monday 15
Saturday 20
Sunday 21
Tuesday 23
Saturday 27

Sunday sessions : 1pm, 2pm, 3.15pm, 4.30pm, 5.30pm
Other days: 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.45pm, 8pm, 9pm

Ticket costs?
£90 for groups of 5 - 8 people
£70 for groups of 2 – 4 people

What are the Covid regulations?
We conform with the Museum’s policy on admissions. Consequently, for the time being, players will be asked to wear a face mark on arrival and in public spaces (for the briefing), but we hope you will have the option of removing these when your private game begins. If any of your party are feeling unwell then please do not attend, you will be entitled to a full refund as long as we are notified at least 3 hours before your session is due to commence.

On our part, all Jailbreak team members will be fully vaccinated, and we will take extra time between each session to ensure that all key items are sanitised i.e. clues, keys, locks, door handles etc

Tickets for Jailbreak 4 can be purchased here.


Is Jail Break suitable for people in wheelchairs?
Yes, though you may have difficulty in completing stage 1 of the challenge due to the need to use stairs. You will have the option of joining stage 1, or waiting till your colleagues have completed that stage before joining them.

What is the largest group size?
8 people

What is the minimum age that can play?
We would recommend that the attraction is unsuitable for anyone aged under 10.

What if I get claustrophobic?
No need to worry, someone will be at hand to help you out... early escapes are assisted when medically required!

Are there prizes?
Successful teams will have the option to have their photo taken with a board recording their escape time. The team who escapes in the fastest time throughout the season will get a special prize, and our facebook will keep an updated list of ‘top times’.

I loved the museum but didn’t get chance to look properly at the displays.
Then come back again during normal opening hours which are 11am – 4pm Tuesday – Saturday. Admission is free for local residents and £3 for non-residents.

I really enjoyed it, can I come back again?
The attraction will remain unaltered for each season, so you will find it repetitive if you come back in that time. We hope to have further seasons to follow with new challenges, new clues and new forms of escape, so trust you will want to come back for that.

Anything else?
Look at our Facebook page for latest news, pictures and high scores!

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