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Jail Break

Jail Break: Conscription 1916

New challenge, new puzzles... same old cell

St Neots Museum in partnership with Mystery in History are proud to present the second season of Jailbreak, set in the Victorian cells of the Old Police Station, more commonly known these days as St Neots Museum. Our first season in Spring this year saw 574 people locked in our cells and we now return with a brand new challenge involving different skills and challenges. Responding to customer feedback, we now have two types of tickets: £80 for larger teams (between 5 and 8 people) and £60 for smaller teams (4 or fewer).

The Dates

Tickets are now on sale for sessions on the following dates:

Sat Oct 20th Evening
Sun Oct 21st Afternoon
Sat Oct 27th Evening
Sun Oct 28th Afternoon

Fri Nov 2nd Evening
Sun Nov 4th Afternoon
Thurs Nov 8th Evening
Sat Nov 10th Evening
Tues Nov 13th Evening
Thurs Nov 22nd Evening
Sat Nov 24th Evening
Mon Nov 26th Evening
Thurs Nov 29th Evening
Fri Nov 30th Evening

Sat Dec 8th Evening
Sun Dec 9th Afternoon
Thurs Dec 13th Evening
Sat Dec 15th Evening
Fri Dec 21st Evening

Afternoon Sessions are at 1.30, 2.30, 3.45, 4.45 and 5.45pm
Evening Sessions are at 4.45, 5.45, 7, 8 and 9pm.


Tickets can be purchased here.

The Scenario

It is the 16th November 1916. You and your colleagues are employed by Mr Bartlett, renowned butchers of St Neots. Last week you all received your call up papers to join the Bedfordshire regiment and to prepare to begin military training before travelling to the Western Front in France to serve with His Majesty’s forces.

But you believe it is imperative that the good people of St Neots continue to have a good supply of meat, and without your presence, there will be an acute shortage of slaughtermen and butchers. You have therefore appealed against your conscription into the army and in consequence you have been summoned to St Neots jail, where you will be held for one night before appearing at Huntingdon County Appeal Tribunal before Lord Sandwich and Lieut. Carter representing the Military, who will consider your appeal.

But you know Lord Sandwich’s reputation as someone who will not allow people to avoid military service, as the tribunals have been ordered to be a strict as possible. Therefore, you are determined to escape.......

The Challenge

After being locked in the cell, you and your colleagues will have 60 minutes to Break Out. You will have to pass through 3 stages: breaking out of the cell; breaking out of the cell corridor; and – finally – escaping through the main gate. These stages get progressively harder and more complex so you will need to work together – promptly – from the very moment the game starts. This game does not require any strength or physical force. All the information you need to escape is already provided, as long as you use your eyes, ears and your brain..... and are able to work together as a team!


Is Jail Break suitable for people in wheelchairs?
Yes, doors will be narrow, but the whole experience is conducted on the same floor level.

What is the largest group size?
8 people

Is that really a genuine police cell, and are we really locked in?
Totally! Half the group will be locked in the cell, and half in the cell corridor... your first challenge will be to work together to unlock the cell door!

What is the minimum age that can play?
We would recommend that the attraction is unsuitable for anyone aged under 10.

What if I get claustrophobic?
No need to worry, someone will be at hand to help you out... early escapes are assisted when medically required!

Are there prizes?
Successful teams will have the option to have their photo taken with a board recording their escape time. The team who escapes in the fastest time throughout the season will get a special prize, and our facebook will keep an updated list of ‘top times’.

I loved the museum but didn’t get chance to look properly at the displays.
Then come back again during normal opening hours which are 11am – 4pm Tuesday – Saturday. Admission is free for local residents and £3 for non-residents.

I really enjoyed it, can I come back again?
The attraction will remain unaltered for our first season, April – June, so you will find it repetitive if you come back in that time. We hope to have a 2nd season later in the year where we will have totally new clues and forms of escape, so trust you will want to come back for that.

Anything else?
Look at our Facebook page for latest news, pictures and high scores!

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