Mystery in History

Acting the part
Ideas . . .
(Possible plots to tease)

The following scenarios give an idea of some of the mysteries we are able to organise. Of course, all would be tailored to meet the needs of your house, your grounds and your circumstances:

Title: Mary, Mary, quite contrary

Date: July 1535

Scene: An Elizabethan House. Members of the Court of Anne Boleyn are secretly meeting as they are concerned at Anne’s inability to produce a male heir for Henry VIII.

Charles Wolsey is a cousin of Anne and has spent most of the last few years living abroad in France. He has recently returned. He was a childhood sweetheart of Jane, but his family dissuaded him from pursuing the relationship because she was not of the same social status.

Elizabeth Warnick is an old childhood friend of Anne’s, but has become disillusioned with some of her manipulative ways in recent years, and has carelessly let it be known that she now dislikes Anne. Whilst still a member of her court, she would love to head back to the Oxfordshire countryside and live there away from the hustle of London.

Edward Carey is believed by many to harbour secret desires for Anne. He is owner of a sizeable estate and has invited a few friends to come and visit him for a short while.

William Cavendish, Earl of Westmorland, is a member of Anne’s court, but suspected by many to be more loyal to Henry than to Anne, having been helped with gambling debts in the past. Everyone is a bit suspicious of him and guarded what they say in his presence.

Jane Smithson is maid to Elizabeth and very close to her mistress. She was brought up from relatively humble beginnings but has gained respect and admiration from within the court (especially from Charles).

Donald Parker is a servant in the house. He originally came from noble stock but has now fallen on harder times. He holds Henry VIII largely responsible for this and is quite bitter.

As they prepare to meet, the body of Mary Bereton, a young serving girl is found. At first none would seem to have any great knowledge of her, but through the evening in the ensuing conversation it becomes apparent that all 6 knew her. But which one had cause to murder her?

Title: The demise of Dr John

Date: December 1828

Scene: Georgian Country House. Friends of Dr John Huddlestone have been invited round for a celebratory meal on New Years Eve.

William Morris is a self opinionated local merchant. Together with Dr John, he has become an addict of the new game of golf . . .

Beverley Arnold is the only daughter of a farming family. Somewhat spoilt through childhood, she quickly realised she could use her charms to get her own way . .

Elizabeth Rigby was born in Sussex, the daughter of a very high Anglican priest, who gave her a very strict upbringing. She studied briefly at a convent before deciding that this type of life was not for her. She has since trained to be a nanny but has never been able to hold down a job in one place for very long.

Donald Smith was born as the son of a travelling gypsy. From an early age he developed a talent for using cards and for gambling and earned himself some money from the card tricks he devised, from which he conned many people out of money. He now seeks to be accepted as part of the local establishment . . .

Olivia Johns is the only child of wealthy financiers. She is a talented singer and actress, and is often seen at some of the most glamorous events in and around London. Unmarried and proud of it, she enjoys the company of men but doesn’t want to risk losing her inheritance through marriage

Jill Matthews is a somewhat dotty and eccentric character. She is unable to concentrate on subjects for very long and easily distracted. An unmarried spinster, she has had a succession of broken relationships.

As they wait to be called for the evening meal, a scream is heard and the body of Dr John is found on the staircase. Which guest had ulterior motives for spending New Year with Dr John?

Title: Grounds for concern

Date: The Present Day

Scene: The grounds of a ruined monastry

Two tourists are exploring the ancient ruins and whilst visiting an old neglected storage room, happen upon some very old clay pots. Most are empty, but one has a parchment hidden in the bottom. The clue within the parchment starts a trail around the estate, a trail which could potentially lead to the solution of an ancient puzzle . . .

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