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Forthcoming 'Mystery in History' events . . .

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We hope to be starting some Murder Mysteries again as soon as the pandemic is over!

Some recent 'Mystery in History' events . . .

Wimpole Hall, October 12th & 13th 2018

Over two nights we travelled back 100 years to October 1918 to see the build up to the 1918 election, and witness some of the tensions that existed within the Bagworth family at the prospect of - horror of horrors - women having the vote! Amidst these election hustings, dark deeds took place, but our sleuths were able to uncover the murderer of nurse and war-time hero Catherina, and also the murderer of her loving Grandfather, Sir Michael Cavendar.

Marella Celebration, March 2018

Together with guests on the TUI/Marella 'Celebration' we presented our first 'Murder Mystery Shakespearean' production.... 'Romeo and Juliet.... and Lady Macbeth'. Over the course of the Transatlantic crossing we practised with passengers who had bravely volunteered to perform with us, then presented our show to the rest of the passengers ... who then had 2 hours to search the ship and solve the mystery!A wonderful cruise, and great fun was had by all!

Wimpole Hall, October 27th & 28th 2017

Friday 27th October 1797: William Dempsey, close friend of the 3rd Earl of Hardwicke, had recently returned from his Grand Tour, having acquired many great works of art. He had been asked to display some of the finest works in the Long Gallery of Wimpole Hall and many distinguished people were invited to the exhibition.

But when so many artistic talents are asked to share the same room it was inevitable that rivalries would surface, and that long standing animosities would come to the fore. Jealousy led to murder, but our intrepid sleuths managed to identify the killer!

St Neots Museum, July 1st 2017

We went back to 1648 and the days of the English Civil War, in which the duplicitous and traiterous Captin Neville committed murder most foul.

Shuttleworth House, March 11th 2017

A great time was had at Shuttleworth House when we went back to 1933 and the aftermath of Richard Shuttleworth's heroic solo flight from Old Warden to Delhi. Such was the demand for his aircraft that someone was even prepared to kill for it... or were there alternative motives?!

'Till Death us do Part', Wimpole Hall, October 28th & 29th 2016

Over 2 evenings we went back to 1771 to celebrate the wedding of Anthony, distant relative of Jemima, Marchioness Grey.

Against his parentís wishes, Anthony had rejected an Ďadvantageous liaisoní and was instead betrothed to local farm girl, Sally Wilkinson... only for the wedding to be spoiled by the untimely murder of Michael, the father of the bride. A packed house on both evenings helped solve the mystery..... and photos will be available here soon.

'X Marks the Spot', St Neots Museum, July 2nd 2016

Saturday 28th March 1896, the night of the final hustings before the Urban District Council elections. Feelings were running high that people may be tempted to resort to desperate measures to win the vote Ö and poor Emilia suffered in the process. Picturescourtesy of John Grieg and Liz Davies can be seen here: here.

"The Ruined Recital", Wimpole Hall, Oct 30th/31st 2015.

On two successive nights, some super sleuths helped identify the murder of pianist Emilia Konchesky who was cruelly murdered in the Yellow Drawing Room of Wimpole Hall, just moments before starting her recital. On two successive nights we played to a full house of people and are dearly looking forward to going back there in 2016. Official pictures from the National Trust can be seen here.

St Neots Regency Festival, July 25th/26th 2015.

We had good fun (in sun and rain!)in St Neots Market Square as part of the town's Regency Festival.

Snow White and the poisoned apple (December 2014)

The 'Miss Terry Players' - the worst theatre company in the world - returned with another seasonal pantomime; as usual, poor Snow White is the victim . . . but was it the poisoned apple or something else? Thanks to the many people who attended, and we are pleased to announce that £1520 was raised for the St Neots Passion Play as a result of this evening!

Wickedness at Wimpole, (October 2014)

Saturday 11th October (1845) and the 4th Earl of Hardwicke was staying in London for the weekend. He left his trusty Steward, Benjamin Williamson, in charge of Wimpole Hall. A sell-out crowd of intrepid detectives scoured Wimpole Hall in the dark to find clues to discover the wicked murderer of Cousin Lillian. (NB We are delighted to be invited back there to perform another Murder Mystery on October 31st 2015)

Regina Rheni Mystery Cruise, (April 2014, Holland and Belgium)

We hada wonderful 10 day mystery river cruise as we set sail from Amsterdam on board the Saga 'Regina Rheni River cruise' . . . and solved a mystery whilst exploring some beautiful European waterways!

Murder in Morden, (February 2014, Steeple Morden, Cambs)

Steeple Morden Village School had been open for 23 years, and to support this worthy venture, Steeple Morden Workhouse organised a grand fund raising meal. It should have been an evening of fun and celebration . . . until someone decided to murder poor orphan Emily.

Captain Rentell's Mystery Cruise, (December 2013, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

We had a fantastic 16 day cruise on board the 'Saga Princess' . . . well done to all our actors who endured rough seas and tricky conditions; andd to the very enthusiastic and willing detectives we had on board!

We dismally failed to get any photos of the Muder Mystery, but we did get chance to take a few pics when we weren't acting and you can see some of these here.

The St Neots Medieval Festival (July 2013, St Neots)

About 2000 people visited the St Neots Medieval festival where 'Mystery in History' enacted various scenes using the Town Stocks. A number of miscreants were suitably punished, as wwell as a few younger, more innocent ones! Photos from the weekend can be seen on Facebook by clicking on the link for St Neots Medieval Festival

The Hursley Homicide (July 2013, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire)

A full house helped solve the mystery of the mystery yong man wh tuned up at Sir Thomas Clarke's annual hog roast . . . only to be found dead in the grounds. Photos from this show can be seen on Facebook by clicking on the link for The Hursley Homicide

The Randall House mystery (August 2012, Chandlers Ford, Hants)

A number of people helped solve the mystery when Lord and Lady Hill's governess was found murdered in the garden of their estate.

The Case of the Greasy Hairspray (November 2011)

Back in 1959, a number of people correctly managed to identify the murderer of aspiring young dancer, Ellen. Photos from this performance can be seen on Facebook by clicking on the photo link for The Case of the Greasy Hairspray

Sally Saunders' Final Cruise (September 2011)

On board Fred Olsen's MS Braemar, the passengers helped solve the mystery of who killed young cabin maid Sally Saunders . . . and the beautiful Juliet Cowell over 20 years ago. Big thanks to Diana, Barry, Geoff, Beryl, Christine and Mike - members of the Kent ARA group - for helping out with the production.

Summertime . . . and the killing is easy (July 2011)

A great time had by all in front of a full house at the URC Church in St Neots. Over £1000 was raised for the Church redevelopment fund. Photos from this performance can be seen on Facebook by clicking on the photo link for Summertime . . . and the killing is easy

The Bede House Mystery (April 2011)

The Bede House in Higham Ferrers was packed to overflowing back in the 1500s to witness a dastardly scene. Photos from this performance can be seen on Facebook by clicking on the photo link for The Bede House Mystery

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And further back in history . . .

The unfortunate wedding of Edward Sturridge (December 2009)

90 people sought to identify the killer of bridegroom Edward Sturridge in St Marys Church on New Years Eve.

Vicar and bridesmaids Waiting to give evidence Fight of the rivals St Marys Church
The wedding guests Discussing the evidence Sally the maid . . .  and dinner! Suspicious looking characters?

(Photographs by kind courtesy of David Gill)

The Blunham Murder Mystery (June 2009)

The killer of the hated Timothy Bromsall was sought round the historic village of Blunham by 70 people on a (murky) summers evening.

In the Summer House By the weir Inspecting the body National hero . . or fraud?

The Bushmead Murder Mystery (May 2009)

Young orphan Albert was the victim of a wicked crime at Bushmead Almshouse.

Isabella and Elizabeth Matthew Saunders: Accountant or crook? No way back

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