Mystery in History

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New: 'Mystery in History' Key Stage 3 History workshops on ' The Transatlantic Slave Trade' now available.
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Part of our work is in offering a service to schools and other educational establishments. Through use of drama and interactive sessions, we examine many of the mysteries of history, encouraging youngsters to understand for themselves why particular historical events happened, and what the consequences of those actions are in our world today.

We specialise in providing services for the national curriculum as defined by the following Key Stages:


  • Famous people: Wilberforce and other abolitionists
  • Ancient African civilizations eg: Benin, Great Zimbabwe, Timbucto, etc
  • The nature and effects of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade
  • The slave trade abolition movement
  • The worldwide impact through time of the slave trade: (In particular, the impact on Britain, Africa and the United States; the US civil rights movement; and post-war immigration in Britain.)
  • Various topics within the Citizenship / RE subject areas, eg: prejudice, civil rights, immigration and slavery (historical and modern)

The picture above shows a 'Mystery in History' lesson taken for a Year 11 group in Autumn 2008. If you would like more details as to how we can provide a service in your school or college, do please contact us.

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